Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Gecko's Tail

We've just had a little visitor to our Villa. A tiny little gecko got in somehow and the WIFE let out a little yelp when she saw it scuttling around on the floor. Personally, reptiles are fine. Spiders are another matter. The WIFE tried to drop a plastic dish on top of it, but it managed to escape, leaving it's tail behind, which proceeded to lie there and twitch for a good minute or more. Bizarre! The WIFE thought she'd cut it off with the dish, but it transpires that this is the defense mechanism of a gecko, which they can use when they feel threatened. Mother Nature, I doff my cap, because it works. We were more interested in the still-moving tail than the little reptile. Meanwhile, Mr. Gecko was under the sofa. We finally manged to corner him when he re-emerged, and I scooped him up in a glass, took him outside and let the little chap go. Sorry for scaring you, and I hope your tail grows back OK!

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