Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fame at last!

I got a mention on the Guardian website. I don't know how, but thanks to whoever submitted it for inclusion!

Guardian Abroad

Shame they're using the old link.

Update: They're now using the proper link.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Yours is definitely one of the best Dubai blogs.

Taunted said...

I reviewed it for you at Guardian's website too....

Aaron said...

Hi littejimmy,

I spent an enjoyable hour or so reading your blog today - and very good it is as well. I have been in Dubai for a similar length of time and can only agree with you on the good, bad and ugly a newcomer has to contend with.

Congratulations on your appearance in the Guardian.



littejimmy said...

Thanks aaron. That's very kind of you.

i*maginate said...

yeah, congrats

DXBluey said...

me too Jimoir, me too...

by the way - your added to the Dubai Blogs Of Note on Dubai Daily Photo now!

Hope the WIFE, BOY and GIRL are great. Do they address your cards as DAD?

All the best Auto / Bluey

littejimmy said...

Cheers, Bluey. Very kind of you.

They call me THE GADGEE, BTW.